Simply Recruitment: Contract or Permanent 

This is our basic service. Run of the mill pay once the service is complete. This service is really suitable for a business that plans to hire perhaps 3-4 roles a year from an IT Recruitment agency.

So how do we help. When hiring an IT professional in Dublin, anywhere in Ireland or the US it can be time consuming. Using an agency like Elwood Roberts, a small boutique operation with a large network can close the IT job you need to fill in a shorter period of time.

Digging in a little more,

We have specialist knowledge in the IT sector in Ireland and the East Coast of the US. We have been placing IT professionals in jobs for well over a decade. We have networks at graduate level all the way to Director level. We speak to countless people on a regular basis understanding what there needs and wants are for there next role. It’s this knowledge you simply can’t get going alone.

Hidden Talent – We keep a large database of non-active jobseekers or candidates as we say in the Recruitment sector. We simply stay in touch with them, giving them usable content and being active in our candidate’s careers. So, when the time is right, they generally come to Elwood Roberts first for the IT job needs. We also have highly sophisticated sourcing abilities taking advantage of the latest automation recruitment tools along with using Linkedin etc.

Research – We understand the market, we research daily into the latest trends, salary requirements, we don’t just release a salary survey annually, we look at these trends’ months. We change with the times, its what a premium Recruitment service should look like.

Value – One of the biggest pitfalls I come across is the cost of using a Recruitment Consultancy to fill those hard to fill IT roles. We are working to your budgets; we can charge a monthly retained figure so there is no large end bill. We can offer heavy discounts for exclusivity, partnerships etc. Talk to us today before assuming the cost will be the barrier.

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