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Are you current Recruitment Services fee’s too high?

One of the most common complaints about Recruitment businesses is Cost. At Elwood Roberts we are looking at ways to offer a less tailored solution that offers more options for our current talent network that are actively looking for a new job.

This is presented to you as an email on a weekly, bi-monthly and monthly email depending on the area you are looking to Recruit in.  We simply send around detail of a candidate that is available and that will suit your requirement. You then follow the instructions on the email.

The cost saving of using this service can drastically reduce your recruitment service costs by 70% with fee’s starting at less then €1,000.

Sign up for our low cost service by emailing robert@elwoodroberts.com adding the area you are seeking talent, ie Java Engineer, Network Engineer etc and 2-3 key requirements or technologies the candidate needs to know and we will send you talent.


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